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The Podium

If you were the head of a foundation with millions of dollars to give away, what global problem would you want to solve? Why?

Alone in the Woods

Milton walked through the woods. His name wasn’t actually Milton, but since he was the only guy around, he figured he could choose what he called himself.

The Nelsonville Music Festival

Every year the sleepy little town of Nelsonville Ohio, with a population just over 5,000 people, awakes to continue the mission of preserving a community treasure by hosting the annual Nelsonville Music Festival.

Is Cyberbullying a Problem?

When you think of bullying, you probably think of one kid punching another, or one kid saying something mean to the other. However, now that kids are almost constantly on their technology, a lot of bullying happens online, through texts and Emails.

Major Global Companies Pull Advertising From Google

The Times Newspapers published an article showing that ads on the popular video sharing website YouTube, were displaying on videos for Islamic extremists. On March 22, AT&T and Verizon pulled their advertising from YouTube and do not wish to return until they can be sure that their ads will not be paired with offensive content.

FCC Deregulation

On October 27, 2016, rules were placed on the Federal Communication Commission requiring Internet Service Providers to obtain permission from customers before selling personal information regarding internet usage. Now these rules have been lifted. What does that mean for the future of the Internet?

Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin was an extremely famous 19th century biologist who pioneered the concept of evolution. His theories were ridiculed and condemned at the time they were published, but now they are widely accepted as a major building block for the world we live in.

The State of American Politics

Most people would agree that the American political system is in a period of intense turmoil. A new president has brought a new set of ideals and new cabinet members, leaving Congress confused about how to act.


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