FCC Deregulation Opinion

by Meshach M.

R.J. Res 34 – FCC Deregulation – Opinion

I am opposed to the FCC deregulation for a number of reasons.  I am in strong support of a free and open Internet, and I do not think that ISPs should be able to use what I search to build and see a personal profile of me.  I understand that websites such as Google, Facebook, and Amazon sell my preferences when I use their interfaces, but when using those sites I am making a conscious decision to do so.  When I use the Internet from my home I must use my Internet Service Provider.  Websites such as Google and Facebook are also free to access, whereas you must pay for ISPs.

It seems unnecessary that ISPs must make more money by selling my information.  In a perfect world I would like to see free Internet for everyone all the time, but for security and market reasons, such as this, I do not see it occurring in the conceivable future.

On the other side of this issue, I understand that the regulations put on the FCC has only been in effect since November, so I do not want to blow this issue out of proportion.  I believe in limited ISP control and for people to be able to browse and connect through the Internet freely and without concern of their information being sold.

Despite the outcome, I do see this issue as starting the conversation about how much control ISPs should really have.  It appears to be widening the awareness and concern, so that the next time this issue is presented the public will be more informed.


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