The Shadowless Girl

By Daksha L.

There once was a girl who was born without a shadow. Her name was Catherine.

She was content as her shadow-less self until she was eight, when people at school began to tease her. After that, she constantly begged her parents for a shadow, until her parents grew so tired of her incessant whining and decided to try and get their daughter a shadow. Catherine was delighted!

While Catherine was fantasizing about having a shadow, her parents and some famous scientists in the field of shadow-ology were puzzling over how to get Catherine a shadow. They finally came up with the plan of taking measurements for what size Catherine’s shadow would be and then finding a girl whose shadow was that size.

One of the shadow-ologists, named Bert, had come up with a formula for the size of anyone’s shadow in noonday sun. Using Bert’s formula, the shadow-ologists found what would be the size of Catherine’s shadow if she had one. Now they had to find a little girl whose shadow matched those measurements. This was proving to be no little task.

After four and a half long months of searching, they found a sweet girl named Lavender whose shadow matched the shadow-ologists’ measurements. She agreed to donate her shadow to Catherine and after a long surgery, Lavender’s shadow was successfully removed.

Now the shadow-ologists had to put the shadow on Catherine. Not an easy task. They eventually used the age-old technique (as seen in Peter Pan): they sewed it on.

Now, the shadow-ologists did not know that shadows are connected to their owner’s minds, which is why they mimic their owners, but when detached they can do whatever they please, even if attached to someone else. However, if the shadow gets reattached to its original owner it automatically is reconnected to its owner’s mind.

Another thing the shadow-ologists did not know, is that the personality of a shadow, when detached from its owner, is the exact opposite of its owner. So the shadow of sweet, kind Lavender was boisterous and naughty. This became noticed by Catherine.

One day, Catherine was walking and noticed that her/Lavender’s shadow was pretending to pick its nose. Catherine, not yet used to having a shadow and anyway not too bright, she began to laugh. Then she suddenly realized that her shadow was supposed to be mimicking her, so anyone looking at her shadow and not her would think that Catherine was picking her nose. Catherine became very mad. She began to scold her shadow, which did not work because shadows can’t hear. People walking near to her thought she was crazy, and quickly took a different path.

Incidents such as this became very frequent and Catherine grew thoroughly fed-up with her/Lavender’s shadow.

Her parents, thoroughly fed-up with Catherine being thoroughly fed-up, called back Bert and his team of shadow-ologists to return the troublesome shadow back to Lavender.

The shadow-ologists then removed the stitches connecting Catherine to her/Lavender’s shadow and then brought the shadow back to Lavender. They let go of the shadow, and the shadow then flew to Lavender and reconnected to her body and her mind.

Catherine lived happily ever after as her original shadow-less self.


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