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If you were the head of a foundation with millions of dollars to give away, what global problem would you want to solve? Why?


Devan P.

If I had 1 billion dollars, I would invest it where I could get 1% annual interest on it, and every year I would get 10 million dollars out of it. I do not need 10 million dollars per year, so I would keep 100-200 thousand dollars, donate most of the remaining, and reinvest the rest. I would not even need to work, but I still would and just donate/invest my income. This system could continue, and my descendants will have the account, gaining this money for generations.


Aaron M.

If I had a billion dollars to put toward solving a global problem, the problem I would try to solve is climate change. The question of climate change is, to me, the largest problem facing my generation. Our future depends on how, and if, climate change is thwarted.

Many government efforts have been made to curb human-caused warming, and none of them have made any significant improvements. The way I would try to fix climate change would be very different. I would use a secretive team of computer hackers to get in the way of the workings of carbon producing companies and governments.


Meshach M.

If I had a billion dollars, I would build a non-profit organization that would incentivize people to make advantageous lifestyle choices such as eating healthy, staying informed about what is happening in the world, and knowing what they can do to help.  I would set up programs that would give people discounts on buying healthy foods and provide free educational material about how to cook and prepare it.  I would give people free or discounted gym memberships and educational material about staying healthy.  I would provide free online educational materials for people about budgeting, lifestyle, and world news.  I would work to give free or discounted educations and provide self-sustaining job opportunities to people who need it.  I would work to create social networks so that people can stay informed, supported, and know what they can do to help.  In conclusion, I would work to make people more informed about what they can do in their own lives and provide a system so that they can help others.



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